Just BE

The best way to BE, is with Burch Energy.

Burch Energy Services

Burch Energy Services (BE Services) is a building energy services firm providing HVAC & BMS Design, Installation, and Demand Side Management (DSM) for all building types (commercial, industrial, agricultural, and government) with a focus and specialty in the commercial buildings sector. We approach our nation’s building stock from a holistic perspective, ensuring quality design equals superb installations and translates to optimal operation.

Who is BE Services?

BE Services is an energy innovation station, founded on the minds of three engineers with more than 25 years of experience and the belief that we must BE a part of something greater than ourselves.

What is the vision of BE Services?

Burch Energy aspires to plant the seeds of environmentally conscious demand side management. Our vision is to help commercial building owners view facilities as engines for revenue and business resiliency, providing an understanding of their energy consumption and ways to reduce it.

BE Services believes people can BE:

Stewards of the earth, respecting the finite resources available to us.

Limitless in our efforts to innovate, optimize, and efficiently operate our buildings.

More productive, when we know the institutions we work for care about the resources and environment that we are a part of.

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